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#2 Christian Song of All Time – I Can Only Imagine

I Can Only Imagine Screen Shot

  According to I Can Only Imagine is second only to Amazing Grace in popularity as a contemporary Christian Song (as contrasted to Classical/Traditional Hymns) per MercyMe is a contemporary Christian group, and this song was written by their lead singer Bart Millard. In this song, Millard imagines what it will be like […]

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Baby and Me Evian Commercial

Baby and Me Commercial Screen Shot

  This was a hilarious commercial around the time of the last Superbowl (not sure if was on during the Superbowl). The second video (link below) shows the ingenious way the commercial was made. Enjoy!

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Lucy on the Chocolate Line

  I Love Lucy was one of my favorite TV shows. How about you? Lucy had a knack of getting into difficulties in a wide variety of scene settings. This one may be her “signature” sketch, but I have some more in mind for future…stay tuned!

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