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The Best First Date – Not What You Think!

The Best First Date

“The Best First Date” headline, together with an interesting photo, caught my attention on a Facebook post so I clicked to see what the best first date would be like. The content marketing people all say that its the headline that is most important. If the headline is boring the reader will quit right there. […]

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Yes, sir. I Want You to Be My Daddy!

Boot Camp Video

  This is a YouTube video that has over 15 million views in the several versions that exist. It depicts a TV show segment called Boot Camp in which troubled young boys are confronted with a noisy in-your-face BIG military drill sergeant who attempts to scare them into respect and discipline. I’m not sure if […]

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All Season Long Lisa Always Struck Out – All But Once!

Lisa Surrogate2 via

    [box type=”shadow”] My wife, Lynn, wrote a book called Precious Memories about two years ago and we published it in print and electronic formats through Amazon and its partner company CreateSpace. It is a compilation of over fifty short stories about things that she or we, as a family, experienced over the years. […]

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Volkswagen – Eyes on the Road

Volkswagen - Keep Your Eyes on the Road Screen Shot

  This may be my shortest post ever…but I think you will remember it a long time. I’m not going to describe the video (just in case you haven’t already watched it). It has over 12 million views in one week! It carries an important message. What do you think? Leave a Comment.  It’s easy!

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Rick Steves Remembers D Day June 6, 1944

Beny-sur-Mer_Cemetery Normandy, France

D Day June 6, 1944 D Day was the day of the Allies assault on Normandy, France beaches, most famously, Omaha Beach. Much has been written, spoken and filmed about this day, in one film dubbed “the Longest Day”. Now, over seventy years later, the immensity of that day both in military terms and in […]

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