Rick Steves Remembers D Day June 6, 1944

Beny-sur-Mer_Cemetery Normandy, France


D Day June 6, 1944

D Day was the day of the Allies assault on Normandy, France beaches, most famously, Omaha Beach.

Much has been written, spoken and filmed about this day, in one film dubbed “the Longest Day”.

Now, over seventy years later, the immensity of that day both in military terms and in its historical importance, has faded.

Still, it was and is a day to remember.

It was the beginning of the end of World War II and its cost was high.

The three minute HD video, narrated by Rick Steves, travel guide and lecturer, only skims the surface of D Day.

It does, however, tell us why the Day is so memorable and it tells us the human cost in Allied lives.


Rick Steves Remembers


You can find many, many resources to pursue a study of D Day but a concise and helpful article in Wikipedia adds a lot of useful information without a major time commitment.

The link is:




I hope this reminder not to ignore major events in history finds a receptive heart and mind.  It deserves these qualities from everybody.

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