HD Video Tour Budapest, Hungary – Castle Hill with Rick Steves


Tour Budapest in HD

Here is a fresh, new HD video tour of Budapest, Hungary Castle Hill and Chain Bridge with Rick Steves, well known tour guide and tour guide book author.

Rick just posted this video on YouTube on August so it doesn’t have many views yet.

However, Rick takes us on an informative and professionally videoed tour of this twin city location (Buda on one side of the Danube and Pest on the other. These separate communities became one city in 1873.

See. I never knew that until this week!

You’ll find out a lot more in the video.

Here’s a panoramic view of the city. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Budapest panorama from castle By Jacobleonardking

Budapest panorama from castle By Jacobleonardking


In a December, 2013 post CNN Travel profiled this same travel destination highlighting differences between the Buda and Pest areas.

The post makes interesting reading and has several photos as well.

Here’s the link.




So, what do you think of Budapest?

Has anybody actually been there?

If so, please drop a Comment and tell us you impressions.

its easy.


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