See What Happened When Nancy Flexer Retired – and Get A Kleenex

Nancy Flexer Retires 2




There is a website and also a YouTube Channel with the name SoulPancake (how it got this strange name I don’t know) that features a variety of interesting, creative and uplifting videos for all ages that are well worth watching.

Check it out at:

and on YouTube at:

One of the featured “shows” or series is Kid President which looks at the job of President of the United States through the eyes and brain of a preteen.

And one of Kid President’s summer TV series on the Hub Network this past summer is entitled Declaration of Awesome.


The Video


Kid President Declared Nancy Flexer to be Awesome in this video in a way that is sure to bring back memories of your first grade experience.

Enjoy – and have a Kleenex handy.

P. S. This SoulPancake video is featured on which is another good source of interesting and uplifting videos.





Personal Reflection


I don’t know about you but this video really got to me.

Partly because it brought back to my mind in perfect detail my own first grade experience and my teacher Mrs. Robinson, the sheriffs wife – but that’s a subject for another blog post.

And partly because my mother was a first grade teacher for about 40 years and some of the video was very similar to her experience.  She taught two generations in several families and she frequently had grown students return to say “Hi” and to thank her for the foundation she gave them.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the experience that Nancy Flexer was blessed with, but she deserved it just as much.

First grade teacher is a powerful position for shaping lives.


How about you?


Did the video take you back, too?

How was the your first grade experience?

What do you remember about your first grade teacher?

Care to share a Comment below?

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