What is the Purpose of Living? Watch and be Inspired.

What is my Purpose?


I read recently that the most asked deep questions about life are:

Who am I?

How did I get Here?

What is my Purpose?

Here is a man, an ordinary young adult, who asked himself, “What is my purpose?” and his life changed radically.



This video provides a reason to stop and consider whether we are living out our life purpose or whether we are just running in circles on a treadmill with no real purpose.

And it is a bit scary to do that.

Are you willing to think out of the box?

Give it a try.

After all, you have nothing to lose and maybe a whole new life purpose to gain.

Maybe it is a shift in priorities that is less dramatic than that in the video but still significant.


Have you already done something like this?

Want to share your story to encourage us?

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It will be valuable and its easy.

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Your friends will be happy.

You’ll be happy, and so will I.

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