On the Road: A Tough Teacher’s Alter Ego

Jim O'Conner1
Jim O'Connor

Jim O’Connor


Jim O’Connor is a former Vietnam era veteran, a bachelor, a high school math teacher, an award winning blood donor and a 20 year baby hugger and cuddler.

Don’t tell his students about his soft side, though.

It might change his classroom image which is well known over the years as strict, no nonsense and serious about the learning process.

Jim says, it seems like everybody wants school to be fun but it isn’t.

It is serious stuff that needs to be taken seriously.

I credit CBS Evening News with its Steve Hartman: On the Road series for shining the spotlight on this great example of a life of selfless service to country, school, and hospital.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were more role models like Jim?

I think there are but this is Jim’s story.

Take a look.



You can get more detail about Jim’s life in the following article.  Its worth your time.



I had a high school math teacher who loved math, teaching and his students.

Henry Hall wasn’t a military type.

He was more like self-deprecating klutz.

He was famous for the yellow chalk stains around his pocket.

But he was a great teacher that we all remembered for a life time.

Do you remember a favorite high school teacher?

The best ones teach more than subject matter.

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