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On the Road: Coffee for Cancer Patients

Dan Dewey Coffee for Cancer Patients 2

  I want to see “My World” with a positive but realistic viewpoint. I believe there are far more good things going on in the world than bad.  But bad news seems to attract attention more than good news. Sometimes, though, the media does devote a segment to “Good News” and that’s good. Trouble is— […]

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Mucky Secrets – Part 3 – Squat Lobsters, Hermit Crabs, True Crabs & Sea Urchins of the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Blue Spotted Urchin

    Intro   Bubblevision is a YouTube channel full of nearly a hundred underwater video clips, most of which were filmed by a team led by Nick Hope. If you like underwater video of strange and beautiful sea creatures you’ve got to subscribe to the YouTube Bubble Vision channel. I do. The man behind […]

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Is Life Worth Sustaining?

Ann Myers and Family

While the story is not current, it is important. Sometimes decisions to do the right thing carry a heavy cost. Ann Myers paid a heavy price when she did the right thing but she didn’t regret her choice. She paid the price of separation from her daughter for a half century but rejoiced when her […]

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Rebuilding Patriotism

  I don’t know much about Jack Bottinger except that he was a high school coach in New Jersey.  I don’t know how much he knows about John Wooden, whom I featured just a few days ago in a post. I do know this. The way to teach is to live what you teach. Jack […]

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World’s Best Skateboarding Cat! Go Didga!

Didga the Cat

  Here’s a cute change of pace from Down Under. Didga the skateboarding cat has gotten a lot of exposure lately thanks to a video produced by CATMANTOO on YouTube. You can subscribe to the CATMANTOO channel on YouTube and see other videos. But this one is a gem that has over 4 million views. […]

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