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Mucky Secrets – Part 3 – Squat Lobsters, Hermit Crabs, True Crabs & Sea Urchins of the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Blue Spotted Urchin

    Intro   Bubblevision is a YouTube channel full of nearly a hundred underwater video clips, most of which were filmed by a team led by Nick Hope. If you like underwater video of strange and beautiful sea creatures you’ve got to subscribe to the YouTube Bubble Vision channel. I do. The man behind […]

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Is Life Worth Sustaining?

Ann Myers and Family

While the story is not current, it is important. Sometimes decisions to do the right thing carry a heavy cost. Ann Myers paid a heavy price when she did the right thing but she didn’t regret her choice. She paid the price of separation from her daughter for a half century but rejoiced when her […]

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Rebuilding Patriotism

  I don’t know much about Jack Bottinger except that he was a high school coach in New Jersey.  I don’t know how much he knows about John Wooden, whom I featured just a few days ago in a post. I do know this. The way to teach is to live what you teach. Jack […]

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