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Christmas Reunion has this to say about the story: As for verifying the truth of this remarkable tale, there’s precious little to go on. Its author, the Rev. Schade passed away in 1989 and therefore can’t provide additional information, and the story as presented is remarkably devoid of detail for a supposedly “real-life” drama: […]

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Mary, Did You Know? – Pentatonix


  More and more people are hearing about the acapella singing group, Pentatonix. If you haven’t heard of them, turn on a radio during the Christmas season and you will! They have a varied repertoire but right now its all about their Christmas album and the feature song, Mary Did You Know? If you’re interested […]

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Grandma and Santa Claus

I don’t like to put things on the blog by “Author Unknown” because there’s no way to verify them. Once in a while I’m willing to do it when its really not crucial to the point of the story whether it is true or not. Here is one of those stories that you really hope […]

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Twelve Exquisite Christmas Flower Images Added to Exquisite Flower Photos Gallery

  I have just added twelve high quality images of Christmas flowers and floral arrangements to the Exquisite Flowers Gallery. I featured these images a year ago during the month of December and the post announcing them proved to be one of the year’s most popular posts! You can find them by clicking My Photo […]

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WestJet Christmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving

WestJet Christmas Miracle 2014

  WestJet is a Canadian Airline that has adopted a distinctive approach to advertising and good will building. Two years ago they used a Flash Mob to entertain boarding travelers with Christmas cheer attracting 1.5million YouTube views. Last season they went over the top with a marvelous scheme to learn the Christmas wishes of a […]

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