HD Video Tour Stockholm, Sweden and Vicinity with Rick Steves

Stockholm City Hall





Want to tour Stockholm with Rick Steves and me?

It’s a beautiful place to be in the summertime, or so I’m told.

I visited Stockholm in October in the late 1980’s on business and I didn’t get to see too much of it.

What I did see was memorable, though.

The first thing I saw was the “Old Town” area called Gamla Stan as I was taken on a walking tour between dusk and 10 PM by a Swedish business associate.

I marveled at the fact that we saw several young women, each alone at the time, walking in this part of the city with few other people around.

They had no fear for their safety, apparently. I remarked that this would not be happening in most American cities and was proudly told that Sweden is different!

The second thing I remember very vividly was that my downtown first class hotel was besieged at supper time by about 1000 young teen-age, very blond and blue eyed Swedish girls all waiting and hoping to glimpse their singing idols – The Back Street Boys. (Does anyone remember them?)

I was astonished that  about half of them stayed outside the hotel all night despite temperatures in the 40s F.

I suspect you will see many more interesting things if you visit Stockholm.

Rick Steves, world renown tour guide and authority on all aspects of touring throughout Europe, will take us around Stockholm and some nearby attractions in 4 short 2-4 minute HD videos.

So let’s get started with Touring Stockholm, Gamla Stan.



Let’s get a look at more of the modern part of Stockholm – Green, Clean and People-Friendly.



Time to take to the water, Cruising the Archipelago!



And, finally, a stop at the fascinating Vasa Warship Museum



Well, I enjoyed the tour and I would sure like to do it in person some time.

How about you?





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