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Dave Thomas, CEO of Wendy’s – a Lot More to the Man Than Hamburgers

dave thomas foundation for adoption

  Intro   Dave Thomas was best known as the soft spoken CEO of Wendy’s on its TV commercials. In fact, according to American National Biography Online: From April 1989 to 2001 he appeared in over eight hundred commercials, the highest number for any one person in television history, and was described in Advertising Age […]

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Sarah Grace, MattyB , True Colors and More

Sarah Grace

  Matthew David Morris, better known as MattyB or MattyBRaps is an American childrens’ artist who is well known for posting remix videos of popular music on YouTube. Born: January 6, 2003 (age 12), Atlanta, GA   per Wikipedia   What a masterpiece of understatement! Here is an excerpt from the MattyB website: Matthew David Morris […]

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When Homeless David Walked Into Starbucks Was it Coincidence or Divine Appointment?

David and Legacy at Starbucks by Eric Jason Pena on Facebook

  Intro   When homeless David and his dog, Legacy, walked into Starbucks and sat near Eric Jason Pena, neither had any idea what would soon begin to unfold. What did unfold changed both lives dramatically. Was it a coincidence or a Divine appointment? You decide.   The Story   The story is beautifully told […]

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