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A True Story of Miracles by a 7th-grader

Girl in Prayer (not Marta) is a great source of inspiration in the form of short stories, free ecards and sayings and quotes. All of the material is available for free sharing and its worth your time to check it out! …Dick Courtesy of The staff at Inspire 21 was extremely pleased to receive this inspirational story […]

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An Autumn Image to Brighten Your Day October 7

Golden Tree, Kyoto, Japan photo via ashleigh Blue Pueblo

  Whenever I think of Japan, I think of beauty, serenity, peaceful gardens and a restful, quiet feeling. The perfect reflection speaks of quiet calm and yet, at the same time, the dazzling brilliance of the sunlit leaves speaks of a celebration of nature before the winter. Maybe its just me. What do you see […]

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