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Klinger – the Adopted Starling

IntroKlinger is an amazingly lucky starling!His life started and almost ended on the ground when he wasn’t strong enough to break out of his shell and was likely evicted from the nest.On the ground was where Susan Hickman found a cracked starling egg while on her morning walk. and she couldn’t see where it had […]

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The True Story of Kid President

Kid President - What Are You Teaching the World by

  Intro Have you ever heard of Kid President? No? Then you have missed something special. There is a lot to be gained by getting to know Kid President. I thought it would be kind of fun to get to know him during this presidential campaign. You know, maybe you will find presidential candidate traits […]

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Faces of Hunger – You Do What You Can

Faces of Hunger

IntroIn America we don’t think much about hunger but it exists here.In some parts of the world starvation is as common as malnutrition is here in America.In the movie Miss Congeniality a few years ago, beauty pageant contestants shallowly vowed to help achieve world peace and to stamp out world hunger.I doubt that many (any?) […]

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