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Mickey Rooney’s Last Bit of Advice.

Mickey Rooney Cropped

Mickey led a life full of successes we know and some failures we also know due to his celebrity status.
But what do you think he has to say when his life is nearly over?
What advice would you expect him to give to young people just starting their life journey?

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Mr. Rogers – An American Hero

Fred Rogers and friend by Salon News

  Intro Fred Rogers, better known to millions of children as Mr. Rogers, is a true American hero. If you don’t believe me, ask your children and grandchildren! They know! The occasion of this post is the 1997 Emmy Award Ceremony. Mr. Rogers was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a happy change […]

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Faith Stories You Won’t Forget Series – William Tyndale

william tyndale images

Introduction William Tyndale was the first to translate the Bible into common English in the early 1500s.  He did so against powerful and cruel opposition from the King of England and from sympathizers of the Roman Catholic church.  Ultimately, Tyndale’s work cost him his life at the age of 42 when he was executed by […]

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Classic TV – The Honeymooners

Ralph Kramden on His Bus

  Intro TV is a vast subject to ponder.  So I want to focus on one piece – “Classic TV” – the hits of the past and what made them great in a series over the coming months. There are plenty of shows that could appear on a classics list but I am starting with […]

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