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Keep Your Fork – Two True, Very Different Stories!

Keep Your Fork Cropped

  Story Number One – The Best is Yet to Come!   Courtesy of Attributed to Roger William Thomas Submitted to Ann Landers by Kay in California A woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given three months to live. She asked her Pastor to come to her home to discuss her final […]

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New Zealand Home of Middle-earth

Introduction to The Hobbit Trilogy and to the Beauty of New ZealandI am a late comer to the Hobbit Trilogy. In fact, I haven’t yet seen any of the films. I have been interested in visiting New Zealand for some time, however.I was drawn to them for two different reasons. A trip to New Zealand […]

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Life-changing Play Executed by Middle School Football Players


The Life-changing Play BackgroundYoutube Video Courtesy of CBS Evening NewsThe On the Road with Steve Hartman segment of CBS Evening News is a generally “feel good” piece that may be covering anything from farming to children to animals or other kinds of stories. This one is about the football team at Olivet, Michigan Middle School […]

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You Are So Beautiful To Me – Not What You Think!

You Are So Beautiful To Me Screen Shot

Here is basically a silent mini-movie story with a musical background piece, You Are So Beautiful To Me, that is just right for the video. It captures your attention and won’t let go! At the end you are disappointed that the clip doesn’t keep on going. But you’re not disappointed in what you saw. Enjoy. […]

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Monkey Shenangians BBC One

Bonobo Junior

  Here is a short, hilariously cute video of a BBC One film crew trying to do their job in the presence of a group of harmless (mostly), playful and very curious monkeys of the Chimpanzee family of closely related species. BBC One produced a three-part 60 minutes per episode series on primates which has […]

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