Waitress Pays For Two Military Lunches and Then See What Happened

Sarah Hoidahl on Ellen Show

The people who are now in a position to pay it forward are two female National Guard members who benefited from the good deed of Sarah their waitress who paid for their lunch.

Sarah's lunch note2

Sarah’s Lunch Note

I have posted several “Pay It Forward” stories in the past and this story is a variation on that theme.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what they may have done to pay this good deed forward to other people.

What we do know is that they put the note Sarah left on their table instead of their bill on Facebook and it went viral.

So, what really happened is that the server got paid backward!

The YouTube video shows what happened as the result of one spontaneous act of kindness.

The moral of this story is: Always act with kindness, not looking for any reward, but you will be blessed for it one way or another, sometimes quickly and dramatically, sometimes not. A life of kindness will surely be an extremely rewarding life.



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Waitress Pays For Two Military Lunches and Then See What Happened


I appreciate it.

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