A Catchy Response to the “War on Christmas” – What is Yours?

If you Don't See Merry Christmas in the Window 2

Here is a catchy response to “The War on Christmas’ that many people feel is occurring.

Take note of the the choir’s initials!

There must be a lot of interest in this topic because the video has 6.8 million views.



Your Reactions to the War on Christmas, Please

I’d really like your feedback on the topic: Is there a “war” on Christmas? Is it too much political correctness, is it a ramp up of the secularization of Christmas, or our culture, in general?

Then, is a store boycott the right approach or the best way to show your disagreement? Is it one acceptable way among others? What others?

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A Catchy Response to the “War on Christmas” – What is Yours?


I appreciate it.


Dick S




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