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Jesus and Child


Faith is the bedrock of my life. Is it of yours? You'll read, watch and hear stories of faith in the lives of the great Heroes of the Faith and lots of the rest of us who struggle to find our way in our faith journey.

Father's Day


Who's more important to you than your family? Nobody, I hope. You'll be encouraged by stories of real life families as they confront the challenges to family life in our hyper-busy, technology driven culture.


You'll smile smiles of approval and shed tears of joy or sorrow at stories of good things happening all over our world. They will leave you feeling hopeful for the world and that you and your family can be part of the solution.

My World

Its a big, beautiful world and you can see lots of high quality images of it in my Photo Galleries and in travel stories to some of the world's greatest places including videos of palaces, cathedrals and natural wonders.

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Some of My Photo Galleries

Exquisite Flower Photos

African Violet Saintpaulia from starbase118.ne

African Violet Saintpaulia from starbase118.ne

Exquisite Bird Photos

Two Cockatoos by Unknown

          Two Cockatoos by                  Unknown                   

Beauty Underwater

Coral Trout & Cleaner Shrimp Pinned from marine-cameras.com

Coral Trout & Cleaner Shrimp Pinned from marine-cameras.com

HDR Nature Photos

Sunset At Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Sunset At Seljalandsfoss, Iceland from dreamerattraction.com

Hi, I'm Dick Stannard. I'm retired and enjoying the good life with my wife, Lynn. We spend half the year in Lakeland, FL and the other half in Lake George, NY. We are originally from New York and our family of four daughters and their families still live near each other in upstate New York where we raised them, about 40 miles south of our summer camp.

I am convinced that people want good news, an optimistic view of the world around them and they don't get it on TV, in newspapers or even most of the internet. That was my motivation to add my voice - to offer "Good News - Tastefully Presented". When I started this blog 3 years ago I had no idea where it might take you and me. We've been all over the world in our posts and in our followers - over 120 countries. There are over 650 posts in the growing archive. And a growing community of followers. Come along and check it out - then tell your friends.

Thank you for this heartwarming story. I really appreciate it. Therefore I just posted it on our home page.


Inspiring! I loved your piece here as it resonates the beauty of our LORD Jesus and the value of a loving marriage.


OM Gee Dick, how were you able to collect all these fantastic birds and even captioned name for each. You are truly amazing friend.

Marilou R

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