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The Duke - A Young John Wayne

This was a TV screenshot from an old western.


Lynn and I were watching an old John Wayne western one night and she jumped up and said “I want to do a pen and ink drawing of him”.

I snapped several screen shots and this one was the best.

Ah, I have a lot of great memories of “The Duke”.

How about you?




Automatic Penalty Stroke!

This gator was in a small creek next to my house in Florida which borders the golf course.


This was taken from just beside our house in Florida in a small creek that borders our golf course.

I sent it to my golf buddies asking the question “Do I get relief or do I have to play the ball as it lies?”

No surprise when they ALL said “Play it or take a penalty”.








'55 Chevy - My First Car - Almost (Mine was a 4Dr!)

’55 Chevy – My First Car – Almost (Mine was a 4Dr!)

This was my first car – well, not quite! This one was at a car show.

It has a 350 cubic inch V8 with a monster 4 barrel carb under the hood.

Mine was a 6 cyl 4dr sedan – but it was all mine!








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