Monthly Archives: July 2013

Fantastic Dahlia!

  I was shopping around for a real “grabber” image and saw many that I liked. When I came to this one I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The bloom is at absolute peak perfection. The colors are amazing and the black background sets it off perfectly. The image size is 600 by […]

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Gotta Make Sure It’s Clean First!

  I just couldn’t resist showcasing this photo! The bird isn’t the most beautiful specimen in my media library BUT, You have to admit the photo catches your eye AND, If you think about what you are seeing, There are some amazing things there LIKE, The bird’s right leg seems almost double jointed, AND What […]

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Johnny Carson and Friends Video

This old clip from the Johnny Carson Show is a classic among many from that show. It features George Gobel and includes Dean Martin and Bob Hope as well as show host Johnny Carson. Wikipedia describes George Gobel in substantial detail and a link to this material appears below. The summary by Wikipedia is as […]

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