Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Truly Grand Canyon

The 35 photos below came to me as an attachment to an Email and I’m not sure of their origin. The sender seemed enthusiastic to share them and by the photo credits I wonder if this wasn’t some kind of photo tour of the Canyon by a group of shutterbugs. In any event, enjoy! To […]

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Believer YouTube Video Follow-up

Check this out!   Now that you’ve seen the video, I have a confession to make! If your over 30 – or maybe- 25, you probably think this is a church youth group project to make a point (all over New York City) that they are Christian believers. Right? Is that you what thought? I […]

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More Improvements!

There is now an active Video Player/Changer right near the top of the Home Page with the latest¬† four videos that I have posted. Check it out! You can hover over the right or left part of the player window and directional arrows will appear. Clicking on these arrows will change the selected video clip.¬† […]

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