Stephanie Nielson – Severe Burn Victim’s Inspiring Story

Stephanie and Christian Nielson

Stephanie and Christian Nielson – Click to Enlarge


This is an amazing story. It chronicles the devastating injury to a young wife and mother, Stephanie Nielson, who was burned in a plane crash over 80% of her body with the worst damage being to her face. Her husband, Christian, was also seriously injured and burned, although not to the same degree.  Stephanie was in a coma for approx 3 months and went through an almost endless series of reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries.  She also experienced deep anguish and even sometimes wondered if the fight for survival and recovery was worth the pain.

Stephanie did not give up. She more than survived…she conquered the physical and emotional pain and emerged a wife and mother who is grateful to be alive and who says she feels “blessed” to have gone through her accident and subsequent recovery.  It has made her stronger, she says.

Stephanie and her husband are members of the Mormon faith and attribute their recovery to the power of God, in the person of Jesus Christ, guiding and protecting them.

Stephanie began to blog about her feelings, recovery experiences and her family and found it helpful not only to herself but to others who were experiencing devastating events in their lives.  She has recently published a memoir entitled Heaven is Here.

The YouTube video is a promotional one for her book but it it is more than a normal “trailer”.

Another longer YouTube video was produced by the Mormon Church entitled My New Life. It gives more detail about Stephanie’s experiences and struggles and also more about their faith.  The link to this video is below.

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