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Back to School


Back to School

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End of summer.

Time to turn the page!

My wife and I are well past the time when we pack a daughter off to school for the first time. Heavy sigh! But we did hear about two of our grandchildren starting preschool this autumn. And to our two daughters that are involved, this is a really big deal.  They have the usual mixed feelings of relief for a few hours three days a week to the melancholy of taking notice of this early milestone in the child’s and their own lives.

Today (Sept 4) I went to play a round of golf and passed the bus garage of our local school district. The place was crawling with buses pulling out to start the rounds for the second day of the school year here. It’s almost like the football season which is starting for high schools, colleges and the NFL – all the preparations are concluded, the clothes and school supplies purchased, the practices and drills are over for the athletes – and now it’s game time!

So be careful drivers out there.




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