Malbork Castle, Poland – Take a Video Tour

Malbork Castle

excerpt from World Heritage Centre

Malbork Castle is the most complete and elaborate example of the Gothic brick castle complex in the characteristic and unique style of the Teutonic Order, which evolved independently from the contemporary castles of western Europe and the Near East. The spectacular fortress represents the phenomenon of the monastic state in Prussia, founded in the 13th century and developed in the 14th century by the German communities of military monks who carried out crusades against the pagan Prussians on the south Baltic coast. The fortified monastery on the River Nogat represents the drama of Christianity in the late Middle Ages, stretched between extremes of sanctity and violence.

Over a span of two hundred years, since the 18th Century, the Malbork Castle has remained one of the major objects of European fascination with medieval history and its material remains. It also became a sign of the tendency to treat history and its monuments as instruments in the service of political ideologies.

There is more detail and a number of images at the Wikipedia website.

Here is another short YouTube video that gives a Discovery Channel quick historical narrative and video reenactment of the clashes that took place at the castle sight centuries ago.



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Malbork Castle, Poland – Take a Video Tour


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