Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis


I have now posted five cathedrals from around the world, but mostly from Europe.  The simple reason for favoring Europe is that Europe is where most of the cathedrals are located. I did manage to find one in the Ivory Coast of Africa and I’ll keep looking in other parts of the world.  Part of the problem is that not all cathedrals have been researched, photographed and videoed at a quality that makes them good candidates for a blog post.

Today, however, we have all the ingredients for an interesting and visually appealing tour of Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis right here in the United States. So, let’s get started.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis History  (excerpt from

This cathedral is also not as old as one might think. The planning for a new cathedral which would replace the old one, situated next to the Gateway Arch, began in late 19th century. During this time, a special fund and a formal organization promoting the new cathedral was created. The construction itself started later, when the foundation stone was placed in 1908.


By 1914, enough of the building was completed for a dedication ceremony, yet the full consecration did not take place until June 29th, 1926. The consecration gathered all of St. Louis parish churches, 59 archbishops and priests and more than 100.000 people on Lindell Boulevard.

 Fully completed

However, even after the consecration, the cathedral wasn’t 100 percent finished until 1988 when the interior mosaic was completed. The cathedral is dedicated to the Victorious Christ and the French King Louis IX, also known as Saint Louis.

The latter has given name to, not only the cathedral, but also the city of St Louis itself. The Cathedral was designated a basilica in 1997, when Pope John Paul II made a historic visit to St. Louis.

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