On Safari in Tanzania – Part 4 – The Elephants Video and More

Elephants Video Screen Shot


I have been putting off doing the editing necessary to make some of the video footage from our African Safari presentable.  Video editing is slow and tedious and it isn’t really my strong suit!

Also, I think I’m afraid that the scenes which are so real and memorable to Lynn and me just won’t be that interesting or impressive to you.  You know — it’s the “Well, you had to be there.” sort of thing.

Anyway, here goes! I have confess that this video is out of chronological order but I just couldn’t wait to try out the video and also let you see an early taste of what lies ahead for us!

I am going to try a couple of editing approaches.  One way is to include the actual soundtrack with the video track even though there is some wind noise and some background chatter. Another is to do a voice over narration without the actual audio track and a third is to combine the two approaches.

I have a lot of video so I plan to go slowly and hope you will bear with me and provide feedback as I go – especially when we have all three approaches to compare.

I also wanted you to see some of what we saw on our second full day on safari – at our first camp stop in the Wasso northern Tanzania area in the Thomson Safari’s private game reserve.

To make it flow a little better let’s try doing a slideshow with captions. You can stop the slideshow by hovering your cursor anywhere on the slide and you can go forward or backward at your own pace by using the arrows at each side of the image.  After the show I’ll do a little wrap up for this post.


Well, we only used up one half of our second full day at our first camp stop in Wasso, northern Tanzania.

The next post will take us ( and you) in the afternoon to a Maasai village where we will see a lifestyle that is hard to imagine existing in 2010.  That said, we’ll tell you and show you about some paradoxes in the Maasai village lifestyle.

We’ll have video with loud audio, smiling children and much more to see and digest.

Don’t miss this one!



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