On Safari in Tanzania Part 7 – The Wildebeest Migration


One of the unique and interesting features of a Serengeti Plain safari is that we were treated to multiple sightings of Wildebeest herds trekking along their several hundred mile annual migration route.  This route enables the African Wildebeest herd, numbering up to 1.5 million animals, to find adequate food and water even as the seasons change in central Africa.

In Tanzania, for example, the northern part is closest to the equator but is also the area highest above sea level.  Our first campsite was over 6000 feet elevation and surprisingly moderate for 8 degrees below the equator in what would be their springtime.  The farther south we and the Wildebeests traveled the lower in elevation we were and the farther from the equator we were.

Taking all of these factors into account the northern part of our trip was moderate with daytime highs usually in the 70s and nighttime temperatures in the 50s.  As we reached our southernmost point, near sea level, temperatures neared 90 degrees at midday and dropped to the upper 60s to the low 70s at night. 2010_1029Africa8gb2raw0181  

Our guides estimated that our eyes saw perhaps 15,000 to 20,000 Wildebeest animals.  A side note is that the Wildebeests and the Zebras seemed to like to graze together.  The Zebras didn’t seem interested in the migration path, at least not as part of the herd.

The video shows and listens to some of our contacts with the Wildebeest migration.


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