Mister Clean – A True Short Story From Precious Memories by my Wife, Lynn Stannard

Mr Clean

One, but certainly not all, of our many grandchildren is particularly known within the family (and beyond) as “Mr. Clean”.

Most of you will remember this hero of the kitchens and bathrooms of the nation as he showed exasperated housewives how to clean up everything in sight.  Well that was the mission in life of our six year-old grandson for quite a while … and he was very polite about it, too.

This short story has to be “seen” in your mind. A large outdoor athletic complex with a small concrete block restroom facility for each of the genders and lots of sweaty, dirty and desperate to “go” and get back to their game young players and lots of Mom and Dad spectators who are also in a hurry to “go” and get back to see their children play soccer.

So the scene is now set for the story as written by my wife in her book, Precious Memories.

Mister Clean

Soccer is wildly popular in my area. Several members of my family have been involved in soccer for a long time. In fact, for a few years, the tournaments even became international. This would mean housing was being arranged for the player and his/her family. It was a huge undertaking, but very rewarding and worthwhile.

On a multi-acre piece of land, multiple fields have been set up. They are in use all day long in the spring, summer, and fall, especially on Saturdays and often during the week. For the convenience of the players and fans, a concrete building houses rest rooms at this complex.

One Saturday, between games, my granddaughter was asked to walk her six-year-old brother to the men’s room and then wait for him outside. There was a short line, so she was sure it wouldn’t take long.

She began to feel concern, however, when she noticed that some men and boys who had entered after her brother had already exited the building! At last one man came out, looked around and noticed her. He approached her and asked, “Are you waiting for that kid in there?”

 She assumed they were referring to the same kid. “Yes, I think so…”

Well,” continued the man. “It might be quite a while before he comes out. He’s stopping all the guys before they leave, and he’s reminding them not to forget to wash their hands!


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