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Yellow-Orange Butterfly


It seems as soon as I catch up with the latest internet photo favorites category another one comes along.

I am just getting to a comfortable number of owls in the Fascinating Owls Photos gallery (but I have lots more coming) and I am quickly seeing a shift on my photo explorations toward Butterflies.

Now I’m sure if I looked into Do It Yourself (DIY) or music or other topical areas there would undoubtedly be a gallery’s worth of pics for just about any subject.

In the areas I have been keeping in touch with, however, Butterflies are definitely an up and coming photo group.

So, I have just started a Beautiful Butterfly Photos gallery.  It has about 45 great images in it and there will be lots more coming.

Meanwhile, here is a sample.

Scarlet Peacock

Scarlet Peacock

Two-tailed Pasha

Two-tailed Pasha

Ulysses Butterfly

Ulysses Butterfly


Check out the Beautiful Butterfly Photos gallery by Clicking the Menu item My Photo Galleries.  The drop down list is headed by the Beautiful Butterfly Photos listing.


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