Cliff Young – Winner in a 544 Mile Ultramarathon Race at 61 Year’s of Age!

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I found a post on Facebook by a friend of mine referencing an inspiring story put on Facebook by a woman in the western U. S.

I clicked the link and was taken not to the referring woman but to the website of an interesting woman named Ann Voscamp.  The website is decidedly Christian and very fascinating when I began to realize the overall depth of the person and the power of communication through the written word and the multiplying power of the internet to disseminate written and imaged content – a power Ann has mastered among many other aspects of a hectic lifestyle.

Now I’m not the least bit put off by the “Christian” aspect of the site… I both enjoy and respect it.  More than that I seek it out because the world needs to see the power of knowing the Creator of the Universe, knowing His love and provision for us through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the power of living life as a transformed, forgiven sinner.

So I urge you to take a look at yesterday’s post (Jan 22, 2014) about Cliff Young and then to click the “Meet Ann” link and check out the rest of this amazing woman, her family and the impact they are having on the world from their farm.

First, Cliff Young  – How to Get Through the Dark Places.

Now, Meet Ann.


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