Photo Gallery Viewer “Glitch” Update


Hi, again, everybody.

I have a fix for the problem of the inoperable large size image slider feature in all of the My Photo Galleries.

In fact, I have an improvement…not only a click-to-advance image slider like the old one but an auto play slideshow that you can stop at any time, go back and forth and even pick out a specific starting point from the index of slides at the bottom.  Check it out and play with it a little and I hope you will agree it is an improvement.

As a sort of “backup” to the slideshow I also installed a gallery viewer so that you can still click on any thumbnail image in the gallery and a pop-up viewer will show an enlarged version of that image.   This viewer will also allow clicking the navigation arrows to go forward or previous through the gallery slides.

Slideshows may have a few more slides than the thumbnail galleries because I have gradually added to my Media Library and I just took what was there for the auto slideshows.

I am still not convinced I have the best combination of gallery viewing and slideshow capability so this solution may give way to another as I continue my research.

Anyway, for now, we are back in the viewing business so please try this new arrangement out and comment if you like it or have any problems with it.

Dick S

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