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Alone But Not Alone Screen Shot


Joni Outdoors Feb 2014

Joni Outdoors Feb 2014

Alone Yet Not Alone is a low-budget movie with Christian themes.  After a short test run last autumn, the movie is scheduled for wider release this spring/summer.

A song of the same name sung by an unknown singer and unlikely choice for a movie sound track was nominated for an Academy Award in January of this year.

The nomination was rescinded when a controversy concerning possible ethics violations by the songwriter Bruce Broughton’s name being attached to the submission came to light.

The disqualification has brought more controversy as to whether this small entry is being held to a hypocritically high standard when other large budget entries throw parties, and engage in other obvious ways to bring their entries to the Academy’s attention.

The real story, however, is not an Academy Award Nomination.  The real story is that the unknown “singer” is 64 year old Joni Eareckson Tada.  Joni has an amazing life story after a diving accident at the age of 17 left her a quadriplegic.

Joni’s determination to overcome her disability and to make something of her life has already been the subject of a bestselling autobiography and a movie.

She is on my short list of “Heroes (and Heroines) of the Faith”.

Read her one-page Bio at this link:

Listen to her recording session for Alone But Yet Alone on the YouTube video.

And finally, if you are still interested in more detail on the incredible accomplishments of this woman, watch the Larry King interview she did a few years ago.

Taken together, her story is one we all should know and, if we do, we certainly won’t forget it.






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