On Safari in Tanzania – Giving Back

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Our safari in Tanzania was a trip-of-a-lifetime.  My wife, Lynn, and I have many and varied kinds of memories of the experience.

I have shown some of the people and animals we saw in amateur quality video and pretty good still pictures. But there is more to the trip than just visuals.

I tried to convey the meaning of some of our experience, especially with our meeting of local Maasai people, by words and visuals but I didn’t capture the whole scope of it.

The Thomson Safaris tour company we selected for our safari was highly recommended to us by friends.  They told us that the tours were only one part of the mission of the company’s owners.  Their purpose ran much deeper and wider.

The company owners want to leave a legacy of progress in conservation of the land and protection of the wildlife and of an improved quality of life for the local people.

The professional quality video by Thomson Safaris tells their story eloquently even though it has some commercial flavor.

Many of the places and people you see on the video are places we saw and people we met.  Over three years later we still recognize the faces of the Maasai people and their children that we met.

Please give an attentive look at this high quality video but also “hear” the heart of the mission of this extraordinary group.

This is my wrap up post on the safari and in case you missed the other posts, the list of links appears below.

I hope you enjoyed our safari.  If you did, please leave a comment.  I’d appreciate it!

Dick S


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