Thank You For Giving to the Lord – Top Christian Song and Video Tribute to the Billy Graham Ministry by Bill and Gloria Gaither

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One of my favorite Christian songs from several years ago is Thank you For Giving to the Lord by Ray Boltz.

The song tells of several seemingly small and sometimes even unknown “gifts” of service that forever changed the lives of people who who are already in heaven when the gift giver arrives and is surprised by his reception.

This particular occasion for the song is at a Bill and Gloria Gaither gathering to give tribute to the Billy Graham Ministry.

The video is at:


I posted a rather lengthy post on November 15, 2013 telling a somewhat similar story called  The Ripple Effect  and how events over many decades eventually touched my heart through Billy Graham.

After you see the video above, take at look at:


The moral of the story is that everything we say and do has consequences – and sometimes the smallest “gift” we give to another person – even unknowingly – can change eternity.

I am humbled and challenged to consider the reception I’ll have in heaven.  Who, if anyone, will thank me for giving to the Lord?  How about you?

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