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Restoring Faith In Humanity 2013

Burning Car Rescue Screen Shot

  We’ve been looking at some “Pay It Forward” posts this month since April 24 was Worldwide Pay It Forward Day and I’ve been inspired at what we’ve seen. Here is a variation on that theme. The video is titled Restoring Faith in Humanity 2013. It shows several “random acts of kindness” or dangerous/courageous acts […]

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New Colossal Colors Photo Gallery


  I have just started a brand new photo gallery that I think you will enjoy. This Colossal Colors Photo Gallery will explore the creative use of vibrant and varied colors in various kinds of images from crayons to diamonds to animals to architecture. The initial 20 plus images are a taste of what’s to […]

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More McDade’s European Vacation

Lake Como Screen Shot

  Now that Easter is passed I feel a little more flexible in what I post. The first McDade”s European Vacation post proved quite popular in direct views of my blog. It also benefited from referrals from Twitter retweets by several of my 400 followers there, most of whom have many more followers than I […]

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McDade’s European Vacation

  I have a little explaining to do! Today’s post is a sort of “Guest Post”. It’s also a bit of a change of pace during this Easter season just before we arrive at the most solemn and then joyous part of the Christian Year. I hope you will enjoy it . Jack and Jen(nifer) […]

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