More Exquisite Beauty Underwater Photos Added!

Sunrise Basslet by hide1206 on Flickr


I just added 12 more large, colorful and truly exquisite images to the newest photo gallery on the blog – Exquisite Beauty Underwater Photos.

I am trying to be very selective by seeking only impressively large and detailed images of wildly different and fascinating fish, coral, and any other objects that can qualify as “Exquisite Beauty Underwater”.

You can let your mind wander about what would qualify but remember this is a “G-Rated” blog!!!

I’d love any feedback you care to provide as I really want these photo galleries to be impressive to you as well as to me!

Take a look by clicking the menu item My Photo Galleries and then clicking Exquisite Beauty Underwater Photos on the drop down submenu.

Here is a teaser sample of the new images.


Discus Fish Found on

Discus Fish Found on

Polka Dots - Cocos (Keeling) Islands by Karen Willshaw

Polka Dots – Cocos (Keeling) Islands by Karen Willshaw


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