McDade’s European Vacation


I have a little explaining to do!


Big Ben

Today’s post is a sort of “Guest Post”.

It’s also a bit of a change of pace during this Easter season just before we arrive at the most solemn and then joyous part of the Christian Year.

I hope you will enjoy it .

Jack and Jen(nifer) McDade are my youngest daughter and son-in law and they are currently on a one-month vacation/tour in Europe.

I’ll direct you to one of their Travel Blog posts and hope you’ll agree that they are interesting bloggers as well as being parents of two of my (many) favorite grandchildren.


Boys Running

The post I chose to highlight is a day in London but I encourage you to bookmark the parent website URL that I’ll give you below to be entertained by the places they have already visited and the remaining 2+ weeks ahead.

Click below for:

Über Tourists!

The Homepage for the whole trip with indexed links to each post is at:

Hope you enjoy the trip as much as they are!


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