More McDade’s European Vacation

Lake Como Screen Shot


Now that Easter is passed I feel a little more flexible in what I post.

The first McDade”s European Vacation post proved quite popular in direct views of my blog.

It also benefited from referrals from Twitter retweets by several of my 400 followers there, most of whom have many more followers than I do at this point in time.

Meanwhile, Jack, Jen and the two boys, Evan(4) and Liam(2) have journeyed from the UK to Switzerland and are now in northern Italy.

They have 9 more days and then they climb aboard a  plane on April 30 for home.

Varenna Waterfront

Varenna Waterfront

Here is the link to their latest blog post entitled:

Trains, Trains, Trains, and Lake Como

Also, here is the link to the blog post index page where you can click on any of the several interesting posts with plenty of great photos.

Enjoy the progress of this trip-of-a-lifetime…it’s the next best thing to being there!

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