Amazingly Realistic 3-D Sidewalk Art by Nikolaj Arndt

3d-sidewalk-art-1 by Nikolaj Arndt


Nikolaj Arndt’s artwork is jaw-dropping and very realistic.

People walk around the images sometimes fearing they will drop into a pit several feet deep!

Here is a collection of 3-D images by an amazingly talented Russian-born street painter named Nikolaj Arndt that came to me as a forwarded email.

Remember these pictures are all painted on flat cement.

After you have looked over the collection of photos take a look at the video which illustrates how Nikolaj creates a 3-D effect on a simple drawing.

Be sure to notice the difference that the point of viewing the image makes as the video shoots from the front to the back of the image.

You can find more of his work at:

Enjoy the show!



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