Amazing New RebelMouse Content Sharing Site – Check it out.

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I have added a new Page to this blog entitled RebelMouse Content Sharing Site.

You will notice it on the Menu above.

You can always reach the Page by clicking the Menu item but while this post remains on the Homepage, you can also reach the Page by Clicking on the screenshot Graphic below.

You will be amazed at the array on content and sharing opportunities available in this new site.

You will see dozens of my blog posts in summary form but clickable to see the whole post.

You will also many of my Facebook and Twitter posts and articles I have Favorited or pulled directly while browsing the Net.

It is like a one-stop browsing center for my content and it continuously scrolls like Facebook and Twitter.

Try it and you will quickly see the vast potential for this new (free) innovation.

There are about 350,000 RebelMouse sites in the first year and it looks like this will explode just like Facebook and Twitter did.

So click the image (or Menu) and try it out!

RebelMouse Screen Shot

RebelMouse Screen Shot

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