All Season Long Lisa Always Struck Out – All But Once!

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[box type=”shadow”] My wife, Lynn, wrote a book called Precious Memories about two years ago and we published it in print and electronic formats through Amazon and its partner company CreateSpace. It is a compilation of over fifty short stories about things that she or we, as a family, experienced over the years. She says some stories will make you laugh; some will make you cry and some will inspire you.  I have posted two or three of the short stories over the past year and I think its time for another.

So enjoy Lisa’s Grampa from Precious Memories by Lynn Stannard.[/box]

Lisa’s Grampa


She always struck out! She had high hopes, but she was afraid just about every time she came to bat. We could count on it. She swung the bat at everything that was thrown, and she always missed.

Lisa was a pretty blonde teenager who tried with all her heart to play girls’ softball. My husband coached the team where Lisa was assigned as a beginner. She was so eager. Our hearts went out to her.

Unfortunately, she struck out every time she came up to bat. That was, until the day her Grampa came to see her play. On that day, her mother encouraged her to swing the bat for her Grampa.

When the game was almost over, our team was down by three, and we had last “ups.”

What were the odds? It was like a plot from a movie. The bases were loaded. Two outs. And Lisa came to bat.

It might sound like I’m making this up, but it really happened.

Here comes the pitch.

Her teammates yelled, “Swing, Lisa.” Strike one.

Second pitch.

Again her teammates yelled, “Swing, Lisa.” Strike two.

Third pitch.

Her Mom called out from the sidelines, “Hit it for Grampa!”

Lisa swung the bat and … contact. We couldn’t believe what we were seeing. That ball flew like it had been shot out of a cannon. We cried. We sobbed. We jumped up and down and hugged each other. It was like a dream. The base runners crossed the plate, and the whole team mobbed Lisa when she reached home. Her hit won the game. And Grampa was there to see it!

As a family, we reminisced about that game for years! And we still get choked up as we remember that incredible home run!


[box type=”info”] If you are interested in learning more about Lynn’s stories you can check out her Amazon Book Page by clicking the button below or the book cover on the sidebar. [/box] [button link=”” color=”blue” newwindow=”yes”] Precious Memories by Lynn Stannard[/button]
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