Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation Winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent

Kseniya Simonova Screen Shot


Kseniya Simonova amazed and moved the Ukraine’s Got Talent audience to tears as she created in several scenes of sand art a story of a young couple separated by war during WWII.


Kseniya Simonova by mosendez – Flickr

She developed this rare and difficult talent despite some well meaning earlier efforts by her parents to discourage her from taking up a career in art.

She was told that she would likely remain poor throughout her lifetime as an artist.

She persisted, however, and now has a worldwide following on the internet and in public performances.

It is difficult to find information about Kseniya in English but Wikipedia has an article with  information about her early years and her rise to fame in her artistic niche.

The Wikipedia article link is here:


Oh, by the way, the YouTube video has 34 million views!





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