Don’t Miss This! – Really! – TWC News Austin: Interview with Apollos Hester

Apollos Hester


Do you doubt the quality and character of the younger generation?

Do you doubt the character of athletes with all the scandals you read and hear about?

Do you doubt the intelligence of young athletes – “the jocks” of the school?

This high school athlete shows us that you can’t judge a generation or a group only by the negative stereotypes that make the headlines.

This young man shows us a student athlete that we can be proud of and one with a great future ahead.

How many young people like him, whether male or female, do you think there are out there?

I think the are a a whole lot and that we can have confidence in our future.

Meet Apollos Hester as he was interviewed by a local TV station in Texas after the game.

This video has over 5 million views in a few days!



I am convinced that much of the way we view ourselves as a nation, a culture, a local community, a family, and as an individual is shaped by the media we are exposed to.

As a parent, I was counseled to give my child ten times the volume of praise and encouragement as I gave rebuke or correction.

I don’t think I measured up to that advice, but I tried.

Sadly, the ratio we see and hear everywhere today is slanted even more severely in the opposite direction.

So, please share this piece of good news as widely as you can.

It deserves it and we will benefit by it.

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