William and Kate’s Home: Kensington Palace Video Tour

Kensington Palace, London


This post breaks with the pattern of  featured palaces and video tours that I have done on the blog.

I have posted narrated tours of approximately 20 of the world’s great palaces over the past year or so and most focus on the rich past history of the palace and its occupants over the centuries.

This post features recently renovated, updated and reopened to the public Kensington Palace in London.

It is the London home of the royal family’s William and his wife Kate Middleton and their growing family.

A more proper description of  of them is the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The video below does give some insights on the history of Kensington Palace, and deservedly so, but the main spotlight is on the steps taken to make it an up to date attraction for the the hordes of visitors expected to be adding this destination to their “must see” lists.

Take a look.



This palace renovation has sparked some lively and diverse comments on YouTube.

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