Mucky Secrets – Part 2 – The Marine Creatures of the Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Murky Secrets Part 2




I wanted to change the pace a bit and offer what my wife, Lynn, and I term an “escape” video.

We usually apply the term to a full-length movie and have viewed such films as The Pink Panther series starring Peter Sellers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and other out of the ordinary (usually humorous) films just “to get away from it all”.

So I thought I would try a real escape to the underwater world and treat you to the world’s best (I think) underwater photography and expert narration.

I meant to make this rather lengthy series of 20 videos an approximately two-weeks-apart posting endeavor but other topics got in the way.

To refresh you, I repeat below the introduction that I wrote in post number 0ne.

At the end of this post I’ll give you the link to the first one and follow that pattern so that after each series post, you can easily link to any or all prior ones.

Here we go!


Post number one excerpt:


Bubblevision is a YouTube channel full of nearly a hundred underwater video clips, most of which were filmed by a team led by Nick Hope.

If you like underwater video of strange and beautiful sea creatures you’ve got to subscribe to the YouTube Bubble Vision channel.

I do.

The man behind Bubble vision is Nick Hope.  Nick is a highly credentialed underwater cameraman.

The Bubblevision website is at

As I said above, if you like underwater video and strange and beautiful creatures, you may want to explore Nick’s website and see what else he does relating to underwater exploration and still and video photography.

Most of his still photos are only available for sale/license.

This video is the prologue to a series of 20 videos that can be viewed as a continuous playlist on YouTube, if your attention span is long enough!

Nick is near completion of a 90 minute documentary on his experience in the Lembeh, Strait which will be available as a DVD.

I’ll probably put some more of Nick’s work on the blog after I get some idea of your interest.



Murky Secrets – Part 2



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Earlier posts in the series may be seen at:

Murky Secrets – Prologue  (Turn on Closed Captioning by clicking on the “CC” button at the bottom of Youtube video.


I hope you enjoy these high quality underwater chapters as we go along.

I do!

Feel free to comment.

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