True, You Can’t Make Your Kids Love God, but You Can Do This—And It Could Change Everything in Your Family–Forever

The Chan Family has been in existence for about a year and it is drawing a lot of attention.

Here is an excerpt from their “About Us”.


What would happen if millions of people worked together to express their faith online, every day, by sharing the most cause-driven, faith-based and inspirational stories with their friends?

What if we stopped consuming the Internet and started using it for Kingdom good?

What if instead of sharing cute kittens, Game of Thrones memes and prank videos we helped launch stories that matter—stories that have the potential to change lives?

These are the questions we asked before we started

Since launch in early September 2013, we’ve seen more than 100 million people visit FaithIt to watch and share inspiring stories about love, faith, family and global causes. We’ve helped launch several viral videos—including this one about a dad who writes a confession letter to his daughter with Down Syndrome, this one about the value of moms (it also appeared on major news outlets like The Today Show and Good Morning America), this impromptu street performance by Danny, a homeless man with a powerful voice and this moving story about a pastor in Korea who takes in unwanted disabled children.


A recent post on Faithit is titled:

True, You Can’t Make Your Kids Love God, but You Can Do This—And It Could Change Everything in Your Family–Forever

Its an HD quality video that runs 10 minutes and its worth every minute of your time.

Faithit comments that it is both empowering and convicting.

For an older parent like me, with four already grown daughters with families of their own, it may be more convicting than empowering, but you never know when something might be a “God moment” that connects with kids or grandkids regardless of their age.

The post is at:


And here is the video.



As I watched the video I found myself saying “That’s the way I wanted our family to work” as we went from first born to last one leaving home to be married.

I can see many shortcomings that I did, or failed to do, as a parent along the way.

But the point is to be intentional in raising your children to see what you think is important by a consistent example of “walking the talk” so they will be more likely to be attracted to your values that repulsed by hypocrisy or even abandonment of them.

What do you think?

Was it worth your time?

Was it worth more than that?

Will it change anything in your family?

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It will be valuable and its easy.

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