10 Facts That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Rhesus Babies Saved by Blood Donor


Like I’ve said before, I am an optimist who has all too many ways to hear and see bad news on TV and print media and the internet.

I want to see some good news and I’m convinced that there still is far more good in the world than chaos and evil.

Its just harder to find.

So I was pleased to come across this video from a YouTube channel called Alltime10s.

I’ll stop short of giving this channel a ringing endorsement because some of their top 10s are in categories that I don’t find entertaining or uplifting.

But you can be the judge of their content.

This video is a winner in my opinion!

Take a look.




I hope you’re just a little bit more optimistic now!

I am.

Imagine the positive impact that Bill gates has already had and there is more to come.

And what about blood donor, James Harrison, who donated his rare blood every three weeks for 60 years, saving 2.4 million babies!


Why haven’t I heard of him many times over the years?


How about you?

Do you have any positive, uplifting stories, or even links to them, that we can share with our following?

The world needs all the good news it can find so let’s you and I be part of the solution.


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You’ll be glad you did and so will I.

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