This Gardner’s Act Of Kindness Changed EVERYTHING For One Sick Girl!

This Gardners Act Of Kindness Changed EVERYTHING For One Sick Girl!


My World As I See It is an optimistic look at the world.

I admit it!

I know there is a lot to be pessimistic about but all that stuff is (too) well covered in the media.

Good news is therapeutic—it makes you feel better about the world, in general, and yourself, in particular.


Let’s try this piece of good news from a site in Brazil on for size.  It has a few short Portuguese subtitles but you’ll get the idea of what they say.



Now, does the world look just a little better?

It should, because I am convinced that there are far more good things happening in this world than the more sensational bad stuff.

What do you think?

I think this should go viral!

But I need your help to do that.

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