If I Die, Will You Take My Son?

Wesley's New Family2


If a dying mother of an 8 year old boy asked you, a mother of 4 children, that question, what would you say/do?

Tricia Seaman was asked that question.

See how she responded.



Do you think this was a coincidence or was God actually preparing both Tricias for implementing His plan?

Wesley's Mom (left) and Tricia Seaman (right)

Wesley’s Mom (left) and Tricia Seaman (right)

What do you think about the process the Seaman family went through to decide not only to care for Wesley but to take his mother into their home for as long as possible.

For me, I am blown away!

First, it would have been a great story if nurse Tricia came to the conclusion that Wesley might be an adoption candidate after his mother’s passing and upon then discovering his plight of having no other family.

But that would still have meant that Wesley’s mom would have died not knowing what would happen to him.

I think its no coincidence that both Tricias were looking for a child in need.

One Tricia had the child and the other was already planning to provide a place for a child in need.


What do you think?

Am I crazy or is this God at work?


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