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My Dad’s a Liar

My Dad's a Liar

  MetLife, Hong Kong has made this commercial and it was posted on YouTube on Feb. 5, 2015. It has drawn mixed reactions in the many comments the posting has received. Some say Met Life is using this poignant situation to foster its own agenda of selling insurance and “corporate slavery” to earn the almighty […]

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The Drop Box – a Lifesaver!


  Pastor Lee Jong-rak, Seoul, S. Korea, is an amazing man who, together with his wife, has saved hundreds of babies from abandonment and probable death and he does it with a drop box. But the drop box is only the beginning of this amazing man’s story. See how much value this man has added […]

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Woman Uses Paramedical Tattooing To Hide Burns And Scars


  Basma Hameed may not look like your typical tattoo artist, but that’s because her ink-driven cause is anything but ordinary. After suffering terrible facial burns as a child, Basma devoted her life to paramedical tattooing, helping trauma victims cover up their burns and scars with skin-colored pigmentation treatments. Her profession is especially meaningful to […]

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